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Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

Unfortunately, when it comes to estate planning in Louisiana, failing to plan can have disastrous consequences. The default rules established by Louisiana's legislature often split usufruct and property ownership between spouses and children or siblings, setting the stage for family tension and confusion about who has the right to inheritance. This problem, along with many others, can be avoided through the use of a simple Will, which allows YOU to dictate who your heirs are, and the conditions on which they can receive their inheritance.

Using a Living Trust can take your estate plan one step further, by allowing your heirs to bypass the Louisiana Succession process altogether. We all have at least one friend who has a horror story about the length of time, or costs of processing a Succession they were involved in. Establishing a Living Trust allows you to remove the Court from the equation, and provides the opportunity for near seamless transition of your estate to your spouse or heirs. The best part is, setting up the Living Trust is likely to cost less than it would to open Succession in the first place. Think of it as paying for your Succession up front, and getting a discount for doing so. That's a no-brainer, right?